"Any type of change or evolving takes practice. It’s truly never ending, any of it. You will have many situations that will arise that you will have the opportunity to get that practice, even if you don’t want it. For today, just be a witness to it all. Witness your interactions with others, witness how you “talk” to yourself, witness how you react to what others say to you, witness how your heart and your body and your Soul react to all of it. You are not required to do anything. Just witness."

Jen Yockey


In order for us to repair, re-wire, and restore, it's important to understand WHAT we are dealing with.  What is addiction?  What is alcohol use disorder? What is a neural pathway? What is a pattern? What is a habit?  What is fixable? What is FACT? What is Detox?

SOOOO many questions.  Where do you start?  Good questions, right?

Don't fret.  I can help.


"Make a plan or plan to fail." Sound discouraging?  It's not.  Plans are not rigid or set in stone.  They grow, evolve and change as you do.  But we need a foundation.  Making change, whatever it is, requires clearing a path.  Once the path is clear, decisions can be made.  You have free will. The solid foundation that you create, however, will allow you to make the less toxic choice; whether it be drugs, alcohol, gambling or spending money on shoes that you do not need.


Human beings crave connection.  Feeling connected rather than ostracized or labeled is KEY to thriving in your recovered life. Shame, blame, guilt and absolute demoralization are isolating and debilitating. These and other internal traps keep us from getting to where we want to be.  They keep us from joy, love and living a life, fully.  When we are connected to others, we have built in accountability.  We show up for ourselves and for others.


I am a Teacher, Founder of The Recovery Solution, Recovery Advocate, Writer, Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Professional Student. My most important job, however, is partnering with my husband to be an example and a light for our son.

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