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8 Pieces of Wisdom for Difficult Moments

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Finding wisdom in the difficult moments can be challenging—especially when we are staring those moments square in the face. Sending your child off to kindergarten, being betrayed by a “friend,” and making a painful decision about a pet—they all can hurt. There is no escaping it: My heart is bruised, my trust shaken, but my … Read more


By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a post that stopped me in my tracks. Here it is in it’s entirety: “Most of us, at some point in our lives (unless we have done everything perfectly…which is: nobody) will have to face a terrible moment in which we realize that we have somehow ended … Read more


By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

LOVE.  It’s a big topic.  Once I started digging and researching and reading… it just got BIGGER! LOVE.  What it is.  What it isn’t. Love across cultures and religions and opinions.  It’s BIG. But for this post,  we are talking about SELF LOVE.  And what is consistent across cultures, religions and opinions is if you cannot … Read more

Asking For Help & Support {Gasp!}

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Why is asking for help such a difficult thing to do?  Is it difficult for you?  It is for me. This past week I was summoned for jury duty.  My husband was out of town, I had called in 4 times and had been put on “standby” so I thought I was going to be … Read more

5 Steps to Clarity

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Life is like an ocean.  It ebbs and flows.  The only certainty is that there isn’t any. {except for death & taxes}. Things change.  Our children move from grade school to high school.  They graduate. They leave the home.  We change jobs or retire or leave careers to start families.  We get sober, we recover, … Read more

Stop Asking for Permission in ONE Step

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

I was recently sprawled out on a bamboo floor in a yoga studio COMPLETELY beside myself. My friend, mentor and yoga teacher watching in complete amusement. I kept shouting “Who am I and What the F$%K am I doing?” Potentially, this (not EXACTLY this) but this situation has never happened to you. You have floated … Read more

I am a Teacher, Founder of The Recovery Solution, Recovery Advocate, Writer, Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Professional Student. My most important job, however, is partnering with my husband to be an example and a light for our son.

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