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By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

LOVE.  It’s a big topic.  Once I started digging and researching and reading… it just got BIGGER! LOVE.  What it is.  What it isn’t. Love across cultures and religions and opinions.  It’s BIG. But for this post,  we are talking about SELF LOVE.  And what is consistent across cultures, religions and opinions is if you cannot … Read more

Asking For Help & Support {Gasp!}

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Why is asking for help such a difficult thing to do?  Is it difficult for you?  It is for me. This past week I was summoned for jury duty.  My husband was out of town, I had called in 4 times and had been put on “standby” so I thought I was going to be … Read more

5 Steps to Clarity

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Life is like an ocean.  It ebbs and flows.  The only certainty is that there isn’t any. {except for death & taxes}. Things change.  Our children move from grade school to high school.  They graduate. They leave the home.  We change jobs or retire or leave careers to start families.  We get sober, we recover, … Read more

Stop Asking for Permission in ONE Step

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

I was recently sprawled out on a bamboo floor in a yoga studio COMPLETELY beside myself. My friend, mentor and yoga teacher watching in complete amusement. I kept shouting “Who am I and What the F$%K am I doing?” Potentially, this (not EXACTLY this) but this situation has never happened to you. You have floated … Read more

3 Ways to Find Your Tribe

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Spirituality is nurtured in a COMMUNITY. The oneness with others that springs from shared vision and shared goal, shared memory and shared hope.— The Spirituality of Imperfection, p. 82  I have been seeking a “tribe” all my life.  Some of the tribes that I have found were awesome and fulfilling and beautiful and some were … Read more

7 Ways to Create Post Vacation Bliss

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

What I have discovered is that it *is* possible to live in the “zen bubble” of Wanderlust in our every day lives but it takes work and self-awareness and presence and purpose.  It won’t just happen on its own.  We are in charge of our own peace, our own zen, our own Wanderlust. I have been … Read more

I am a Teacher, Founder of The Recovery Solution, Recovery Advocate, Writer, Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Professional Student. My most important job, however, is partnering with my husband to be an example and a light for our son.

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