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Dear Fitness Professional, STOP!

By Jen Yockey | Aug 21, 2017

Dear Fitness Professional, STOP with the booze and exercise! There is a movement, a trend, a normalization that I am seeing. I am seeing it in my social media feeds and within the fitness industry for which I participate and work in. It’s dangerous, irresponsible and just wrong. Health and wellness is a billion dollar … Read more

One. Two. Three.

By Jen Yockey | Jul 12, 2017

We have three dogs; they have all been rescued from one situation or another. They have had different life experiences up until arriving at our home. They are different ages, different breeds and distinctly different personalities. There came a point that we recognized that the dogs were taking over. They were up on the couches … Read more

Blaming, Shaming and Condoning… OH MY!

By Jen Yockey | May 29, 2017

For nearly 25 years, I played golf competitively. I loved (and still do) all aspects of the game. The discipline, the smell of the grass, the camaraderie, the competition, the friendships, the beauty of each course. Watching golf was a family affair. The US Open, The Masters and The Open Championship were tournaments that we … Read more

How to Start Again… Again.

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

I just finished reading Elizabeth Vargas’s memoir, Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction. It was truly heart wrenching. She had to start again many times. Reading about it was excruciating. I am sure that living it was far worse. Her starting again and again seemed so brave to me… and I was reflecting … Read more

7 Ways to Fill Your Bucket of Happiness

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

My son is five. He goes to a wonderful Montessori school with amazing teachers and a rich program. I love how they get the children excited about different subjects. Recently, they read a book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. We got the book and are reading … Read more

8 Pieces of Wisdom for Difficult Moments

By Jen Yockey | Apr 28, 2017

Finding wisdom in the difficult moments can be challenging—especially when we are staring those moments square in the face. Sending your child off to kindergarten, being betrayed by a “friend,” and making a painful decision about a pet—they all can hurt. There is no escaping it: My heart is bruised, my trust shaken, but my … Read more

I am a Teacher, Founder of The Recovery Solution, Recovery Advocate, Writer, Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Professional Student. My most important job, however, is partnering with my husband to be an example and a light for our son.

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